AI feels overwhelming.

There’s so much happening right now, but it’s not always clear what you could or should be doing with AI. That’s what Artificial Ignorance is for.

What is Artificial Ignorance?

Simple, practical explorations of AI companies and concepts that are important to know and interesting to read. Here are some examples:

Artificial Ignorance is not:

  • Dry, technical explanations of machine learning concepts

  • Hundreds of links to news stories that you’re never going to read

  • Breathless hype about why you’re falling behind in AI

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Who writes Artificial Ignorance?

I’m Charlie Guo, an author and entrepreneur based in California.

I’m a Stanford Computer Science graduate, with a focus on human-computer interaction and artificial intelligence. I’ve founded multiple startups, generated tens of millions in revenue, and received investments from programs like YCombinator and 500 Startups. For the last few years I’ve worked at the intersection of internet creators and e-commerce, giving me a firsthand look at AI’s impacts, both creative and commercial.

On the writing side, I’ve published Unscalable, a book of startup interviews, stories and lessons on the theme of “doing things that don’t scale.” My writing has also appeared in Wired. You can find me on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Product Hunt.

Who should read Artificial Ignorance?

This newsletter is aimed at founders, makers, business owners, and busy technologists who want to know more about the rapidly evolving field of AI. As AI becomes more critical to our daily lives and workflows, it’s becoming more important to understand the basics of how it works.

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Wednesdays - Exploring and explaining AI

A variety of different formats, with the goal of making AI more accessible and useful. Some examples of what that means:

  • Deep dives on AI launches and industry trends

  • Tutorials and projects to get started using AI

  • Analysis of the impacts and implications of AI

  • Interviews with founders building with AI today

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Fridays - AI news roundup

A weekly roundup of the latest stories in AI, broken down across three major trends. More than a link dump, learn the context of why the news matters within the larger industry. Paid subscribers also get a roundup of the latest AI funding rounds.

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