Humane might not crack it at all, or this go... but there will be a brief window (few years at least) where AI wearables are going to unlock some cool experiences / capabilities for users.

I think not long after... we'll be in the "cognification of everything" environment and it won't be required to carry your own edge compute device w/sensors and whatnot..

We'll just talk / BCI-WIFI and get picked up by new devices as we walk in range, and continue the conversation that is saved/generated/served from the Cloud to the smart devices we're locally networked with on our walk.

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I do think we're ultimately headed towards more "ambient computing," but it remains to be seen where the limits of LLMs are - and where the limits of social norms are. I think a reasonable piece of pushback on the Humane Pin is that it's going to be weird to constantly talk to an LLM while out in public.

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Will fit RIGHT in NYC.

I see folks talking to themselves everywhere here.

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